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cork - ecological and natural material from Portugal

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Natural cork - wall cork as an excellent insulator

Natural cork is the bark of the cork oak, a plant species that is quite common in southern Europe. Portugal is undoubtedly the largest "source" of this raw material and from there it is distributed all over the world. Thanks to its precious properties, cork has become one of the most commonly used materials in households. Additionally, its collection is not harmful to the environment. Therefore, it is considered an ecological raw material that gives rooms a natural look. Currently, many people focus on a modern but natural interior design, a cork board is perfect for this purpose. This light and flexible material can be mounted on walls as well as under panels or wooden floors as a cork underlay. We offer cork boards in the form of sheets made of fine or coarse cork.

Cork wallpaper - thermal and acoustic insulation of the room

Another interesting solution that is used in many homes is a wall plug. It is installed directly on the wall using a specially designed glue. Another solution is to use self-adhesive wallpaper made of natural cork, which we sell in rolls. The cork wallpaper presents many advantages that will make customers satisfied with their choice. It is a very good thermal insulator, thanks to which it provides a pleasant and comfortable temperature in the rooms. In addition, it protects against wind, and as it does not soak up water, it does not provide a breeding ground for fungi that could appear with increasing humidity. It is distinguished by a low thermal conductivity coefficient, therefore it does not heat up, but it is also not cold. This is especially important during winter evenings or summer heat. The wall plug is also a great acoustic insulator, because its cells do not conduct vibrations.
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